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Condo Construction

We have expertise in condo construction, demolition and remodeling.

Before diving into your condo project, there’s a critical step that often gets overlooked which leads inexperienced contractors astray: understanding and adhering to the latest House Rules and Regulations. Recent updates in state condo regulations have underscored the importance of this step, as non-compliance can lead to costly setbacks. We prioritize getting and staying familiar with your building’s guidelines and key officials before any work commences. While customer satisfaction remains paramount, respecting and abiding by the house rules is equally vital. When it comes to condo projects, having a comprehensive understanding of various construction styles is imperative. Two buildings constructed during the same time period can vary significantly in their design and structural nuances.oreover, with neighboring units in proximity, prioritizing safety protocols and demonstrating utmost respect for occupants’ space is non-negotiable. At Pillar Construction, we leverage our extensive experience in navigating diverse construction challenges and regulations to ensure seamless, compliant, and respectful execution of condo projects. When working on Condo’s its imperative you have working knowledge of many different construction styles, as two building built the same time may be built differently. Remember there are other units surrounding the one your working on so safety and respect is valued.

About this Process

Whether you need a new buildign or to make a old buildilng new we are the experts in condo construction projects. 

  • Planning, design and permitting
  • Condo rules and regulations
  • Start construction and inspections
  • Finalize project
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