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Remodeling & Renovations

It’s not the clay you start with, it’s the beautiful and useful pot you make to feed your family. – Pillar Founder and President, Kevin P. Sisson

Beautiful remodels and renovations

Improve your home and quality of life. Upgrade your kitchen, bath or entire home. Condos too.

We often encourage our team to take a moment to closely inspect or capture a photo of each project before diving in. Why? Because at the end of the journey, it’s about more than just completing a job; It’s about seeing the tangible results of your hard work, realizing your own self-worth, and recognizing the beauty you’ve contributed to creating. At Pillar, we pride ourselves on crafting living spaces that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations, enhancing their lifestyles in the process. Whether it’s a new home, a kitchen renovation, a bathroom upgrade, or a bedroom transformation, our goal is to ensure that every area is not only functional but also inviting—an integral part of daily life for the whole family. With Pillar, you’re not just getting a space; you’re getting an experience tailored to elevate your family’s way of living.

About our Remodeling & Renovation Process

From our first encounter we won’t stop thinking of your project. We will diligently review our discussions, your vision and determine how we will get the results you seek together. With the experience gained by helping hundreds of families in the past 25 years with similar home improvements, we can help you through the four stages necessary to achieve your dream:
  • Planning & Selections
  • Permitting and Pre-Construction
  • Construction & Inspections
  • Substantial Completion & Turnover

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